July 4, 2022

In todays episode of video game Easter eggs we take a trip to a post apocalyptic wasteland in Terminator Resistance, we make a couple of familiar discoveries in Plants Vs Zombies Battle For Neighbourville and we hear some creepy sounds in Metro Exodus!

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24 thoughts on “Video Game Easter Eggs #14 (Terminator Resistance, Apex Legends, Metro Exodus & More)

  1. In metro:redux you are able to hear the laughter of children too. You have to find a tunnel shortly before meeting at the big library and walk into another tunnel in there

  2. Hey , Mr Egg ! I dont know if this easter egg is good but in EA MMA Sports game career mode idk how it works but when I win 6 six time in a row defending my belt title , before my final fight theres a message that actually break the fourth wall saying that I change the setting which is actually true (I change it to Easy)
    And its kinda hilarious

    Edited: it's on ps3 anw

  3. There’s another Easter egg in Metro: exodus, after getting out of the bed in the makeshift hospital near the beginning of the game if you walk to the guys at the table go left on those tables is a copy of one of the metro books

  4. In apex legends if you go to the vault closest to the mirage voyage than climb on tob of the thing in the middle crouch and look in the left corner of the vault door and there will be a picture of a dog

  5. Oh man I've never seen that terminator game and i love Fps and the films are good. Looks decent but i feel like its gonna be buggy or bad might pick it up.

  6. Hey I found an Easter egg in wolfenstien new order if you go to the safe house after escaping the prison then go to the third floor and walk around till you find a lamp post and near it is a picture from the first wolfenstien game also if you sleep in the mattress on the third floor then it takes you to the first game and you can play

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