December 5, 2022

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Season Modifier Overview & Loadouts
– Ventures S7 & S12 Hexsylvania Loadouts –
– Farming Loadout for Ventures -…

36 thoughts on “VENTURES SEASON 12 REWARDS (Hexsylvania) – Fortnite Save the World

  1. In 3 hours of grinding in ventures I reached lvl 10 from the jackpot llama I finally got the Xenon Bow any recommendations for what gun I should get with the weapon voucher already have the potshot

  2. Can you make a video on those two unique mission types in this season? My friend and I did fight the storm and got blindsided by those takers. They wouldn't die and I had no idea why they kept regening health

  3. I checked out the Fortnitedb site and noticed it does not show fennix under heros or loadouts and it is not accurate on showing players superchargers under resources.

  4. Question, when do we start getting Suoerchargers and Vouchers? I'm at Twine SSD2, so I can only make weapons up to lvl 106 right now. Do I have to finish everything and beat the storm king before I qualify for those, or just play ventures all the way to the end?

  5. Wow Beast. What's going on man? 5 new videos since the Item Shop yesterday. I understand it's the beginning of the new Ventures and Dungeon season, but that's a lot of videos from you. Is the girlfriend okay with this? Maybe you can teach her how to play Fortnite StW. That'll be good content 😀

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