July 3, 2022

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Ventures Season 10 Loadouts –
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42 thoughts on “VENTURES SEASON 10 REWARDS – Fortnite Save the World

  1. ok, if I just came back to the game, do I just go all in in venture to max my level as much as possible until 19th June? What level is a sweet spot to get, maybe 20th for hero vaucher? Not sure what level I will be able to get in this limited time. The thing is there are probably no lvl 1 players like me right now in ventures to pop in my game too ;x

  2. The two things I wish ventures had is the option to play with others, so it finds people for you and the ability to carry over your farmed items into your regular inventory when it's over.

  3. I need a gaming partner for Fortnite. Plus I’m still on the tutorial on save the world and have no clue how to complete it. Somebody help me lol..

  4. Maybe you can give some advice here… I played ventures for a bit last season, and struggled to find the resources for building traps. Again in this season, I'm struggling to find those same resources. I don't get it, I smash the same stuff that I would in the main quest line to get those resources, yet in ventures I can't seem to find them. It makes it hard to want to play it when you can't put traps up to defend your structures

  5. This is unrelated to ventures, but is there anyone who can point me in the right direction of a full video of a how to setup a twine endurance? I keep looking and it seems that the only ones that do a complete guide are the ones that are outdated. I’ve never had a reason to set it up until now.

  6. How are use doing with ventures , I'm level 24/50 so far , best team perk for ventures and dungeons on my opinion would be using the Blake beard stash , followed by a hero that buffs damage after eating coconuts and having a club crit hero followed by cannon ball damage ur welcome, so far completed all dungeons within an hour , won't recommend using Blake beards stash on 140 zones however

  7. Irrelevent question but if i use the nocturno as my main gun, would rescue trooper ramirez or sledgehammer be better as commander? (If using crit rating double crit damage on the noc)?

  8. Beast last venture season the eliminate questline for ventures gave me a hero and a weapon supercharger, and for destroy did the same thing first came the weapon then the hero

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