July 4, 2022

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31 thoughts on “VENTURES IS GONE, Walloper Returns, Rare Stuff in BR Shop – Fortnite Save the World & Battle Royale

  1. Diecast Jonesy and Chromium Ramirez were removed from the event store, even though they had been in it for less than 3 weeks.

    But the rad llama is now in the loot tab of the llama shop.

    I was so close to getting core re-perk and hero voucher in ventures too.

  2. Beast , will you PLEAZE PLEASE make a vid on what not to use vouchers on , weapons and heros. I know u have a link to some chart but it doesn't show all of it and i dont understand and i think others may feel the same. Please and thanks ❤

  3. Someone (Pl 4) in a Stonewood Mission that i gave some advise and ammo is currently #13 on the Ticket Leaderboard ( i also told him about your Channel)

  4. Can u help me on save the world I just got it and I was looking on YouTube gameplay and I saw sypherPK and you and you have good guns can I borrow some please 🙏🙏

  5. @Beast,,,,,Will Blade Enforcer ever come back? I played Hit The Road one year and Ragnarok or Blade Enforcer I believe was the prize and I chose Ragnarok.

  6. i have a elemental set of the husk buster shotguns, as well as brow beater & a practical + fun build for the ground pounder. sometime in the last 6 months, i also set up a shrapnel build with the husk buster, just to test how useful it might be.

    i know i have some other shotguns, practical/situational builds &… a fun build for the pop shot.

    i dont like dealing with zombies the same way all the time, so i have many different practical & fun builds for all types of weapons. i just recently finished an elemental set of powder kegs, which includes a special perk reset.

    for the shotguns, i have 2 different practical builds: one for damage, another for critical – one set for quick fire base shotguns, the other for slow fire rate base shotguns. ive even done some based on interesting builds i found while playing ventures.

  7. Epic stated "Scurvy Shoals venture season will end on June 20 at 8 PM ET", which is in around 15 hours. We WERE lied to. You can read it yourself on Reddit. June 20th at midnight UTC is not the same as June 20th at 8 PM ET. Reset happened on June 19th at 8 PM ET.

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