December 9, 2022

42 thoughts on “Ultimate Keyboard & Mouse Settings for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

  1. My keybinds ,this might help out

    Wall / ramp : side buttons
    Floor : Q
    Cone : F
    Edit : E
    Confirm edit on release
    Scroll down reset
    Inventory slots :
    Pickaxe : V
    Shotgun : scroll wheel button
    SMG : 1
    AR : C
    Sniper : left ctrl
    Last slot (heals) : 4
    Open inventory : G
    Map : tab
    Sensitivity :
    DPI : 1600
    X : 8%
    Y : 8%
    ADS / scope : 37%
    Mouse : glorious model o minus
    Kb : hyperX alloy origins 60
    Headset : hyperX cloud alpha S
    MP : cooler master MP510 XL

  2. Inventory
    Shotgun: middel mouse bottom forward or backward depends
    SMG: Q your not really going to have to move when using it
    AR: 3 really the most closest convertible optimal bind left
    and the rest: 4 and 5

  3. Use edit on release its must faster and for those weird edits that are hard to do with edit on release just do some raider 464 edit and pease cntrl maps and you will eventually get used to it

  4. F is the best for editing because if you use E or Q you are moving your finger off one of you movement keys and thats not optimal for perfect movement

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