October 4, 2022

Clash of Clans UPDATE Comments, Questions, and more!

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34 thoughts on “'Town Hall 15: Hidden Attacker Who Fights You IRL' – Clash of Clans UPDATE Comments

  1. After seeing your cruel comment replies I unsubbed. The advice you gave while showing us those is just you self soothing. I don’t think you are actually a good person anymore sorry man you lost a fan today. Tell yourself you dont care.

  2. So sad that you are going to stop clashing! I have followed your videos for many years! I am a fully maxed th14 and cannot wait for town hall 15! My most wanted update would be to be able to buy builder potions for raid medals! Wish you all the best with your future projects ⚔️😁⚔️🎉

  3. I started in 2013 or 2014. Off and on until 2019, and I was a new th9. Since then, I have been playing non-stop, getting gold pass a couple times a year, and I am right now a halfway maxed th13.

  4. TH15, BH10, and a new goblin village to upgrade, maybe simular to builderbase but without a limit and your army is determined by what army type building you have upgraded ie: each goblin hut on your base gives 5 goblins, each giant goblin cage gives 2 giant goblins and stuff like that. each base could be unique because instead of getting a certain amount of each building per town hall level you would get a limit of how many buildings of a certain type you can have per goblin hall. ei: goblin hall 4 allows allows 0/12 defensive buildings, 0/6 offensive buildings, 0/8 traps, 0/4 collectors. I hope this makes sense

  5. Newer viewer I think town hall 15 with some troop like defense seems possible, another idea is a pulsating potion effect to harm enemy troops or boost defenses consistently the latter adds more strategy to the game, also a giant cannon would be a cool addition to th 15 that flies past its range. May add more thoughts cause it’s right after posting it comes to you. But with the history of th upgrades you got a bomb after that was in game a powerful Tesla which became an inferno and a powerful freeze poison spell it seems logical that aspects of the game would influence th giant cannon seems easy and cool to have but pulsing potion effects would be super cool to have but may be hard to implement/ balance but new thing should center around while th is alive already because we have death bomb freeze and poison which makes for lingering damage and nothing really new while alive and more damage isn’t the goal but something new that adds to it would be cool so I’d prefer to see the giant cannon added ontop of th not overly powerful but balanced and will make players have to learn to play with or around it and if they go for potion effects while th is alive would also be cool kinda like how Ice golem hits back with slowness to defenses or head hunter poisons enemy hero

  6. I think that they should add bombs for minors .. I mean by bombs that are underground for th15.. people have been dominating with minors and I just think it would be cool as there is air bombs and ground bombs but what about bombs underground ? 🙏🏼 and maybe a new hero that goes underground as well ? Like (miner king) ? As the bombs would make sense then 👌🏼 I think that would be actually really cool to see

  7. My suggestion: the leader can “lock” certain bases in the clan capital so the whole clan has to upgrade a certain base first 👍🏻

  8. I wish they would add a thing where every sword you collect by attacking in builder base got added to a bank. And then you could use those swords to purchase old hero skins, old sceneries, some limited time deocrations etc.

    I mean, it would give me a reason to play past the 6th builder. i never use the forge because it hogs a builder for no reason. i do wish there was like One slot where builder was not needed or we could just use otto.

  9. Hey gallodon an idea for th 15
    Superheroes: just like super troops you should use dark elixer for them.
    Like for archer queen she becomes hawk queen her ability is that she shoot a spel of capacity of 8 and the other idk would be cool

  10. I think that the theme should be cosmic.
    Not like in going to space, rather lovecraftian, abstract

    We'd have a dark purple Town Hall, with a sort of map of the Universe and stars on its walls

    As space has become a problem, we have ONE NEW DEFENSE – the Portal. This is made out of 2 gold, metallic pillars and gets charged up. It looks like a fancy interstellar gate in my mind. At the center you have a white spiral, whirling on a crimson or black (ater) background. This defense registers the attacking army and makes dark matter copies of the troops, basically launching your own army at yourself. The dark matter clones have low hp, but the exact same dps as the troops they copy. They don't burn out in time, so you have to destroy them.

    Spell-wise, I thought about a cosmic spell and a fire spell. But I don't know what each can do.

    I also have no idea on what troop to add in this competitive environment. Maybe something strikethrough

    Finally, it's the TH level to add a new hero. My idea is to just let this level with the Portal, and to add a hero at TH 16.
    This hero is 'The One', a male warrior made out of gold with black, fuming eyes who gets TWO ABILITIES INSTEAD OF ONE. He can make clones of himself and he can also become invisible to defenses for a few seconds. This shouldn't be broken in practice, troops from the Portal may pose a threat to all heroes from then on.

    If you like or totally hate my ideas for TH15 and 16, reply. Im really curious about yours too

  11. solution for my friend trying to get an old accont recovered? he tried cs but they dont him he didnt have enough details? Like how you suppose to remember the exact time you last played 3 years ago?

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