July 4, 2022

This is the best gunsmith for call of duty mobile!

Shoutout to Cygnoux for providing me the list of the top 10 gunsmiths in cod mobile!

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41 thoughts on “Top Ten Weapons in Season 4 for Cod Mobile! BEST GUNSMITH FOR CODM!

  1. Got the attachments wrong on these two.
    This is the correct build.
    9) type 25: Tac supp/Extended Barrel/Tactical laser/Light Stock/38 Ext Mag
    10) icr: Integral Suppressor/Tactical Laser/No Stock/50 Fast Mag/Granulated

  2. I've tried Mac 10. The Pharoah and msmc are better after you unlock the attachments. I wouldn't trust what they say when they say they haven't even tried the gun yet

  3. I should probably mke a channel here lately I haven't died in multiplayer or batle Royale in probably a year. There ain't no 2 or 3 before I go down I'm nuking every time

  4. I use the 42 fast reload for type25 it’s better to have more bullets then less 🤔 & holger & m13 feel weak as this season defiantly not worth being in top 10

  5. As the number 31 on the weapon leaderboard for the Ppsh-41 i can say that the build shown is the best, just remove the Tactical Laser and switch it out for the operator foregrip, it has no downside to the movement and strafing speed but helps a lot for those mid-mid Long range gun rights, much love to all my ppsh users out here 💯❤️

  6. I'm pretty sure killio was nerfed hard two days ago I was slaying people with it now it seems like it's taking at least 2 or 3 more bullets per kill

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