November 27, 2022


  1. Am I the only one that thinks the 30-30 and prowler burst are good? 30-30 seems like similar damage to the longbow with a faster fire rate and the prowler burst lasers mid-close range. The only thing with the burst is it’s hard to use if you strafe when you shoot. If you stand still and hit all the shots it’s a laser

  2. What I use in rank is single fire hemlock ppl underestimate the hemlock if you put it in single fire from mid, long and close range it's literally OP it's like a scout but better

  3. Might just be me, I feel like flatline+longbow is a great combo for me, r-301 is undoubtedly up there but imo flatline takes less time. Also ik devotion might not be the best but the damage and impact it gives > makes it very usable in mid game tbh

  4. Why are shotguns just busted in every game they enter, Fortnite has op shotguns, cod has op shotguns, every apex shotgun is broken, and you could argue with fps games like valorant and CSGO but if used right the shotguns in those games can destroy as well

  5. I love the Devotion even without the turbo i love and enjoy energy weapons. My favorite energy weapon is the L-star i always use this beauty with a sniper rifle or marksman rifle as a back up.

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