October 6, 2022

This Seer Wallhack Trick Lets You See Players Even Further! | Apex Legends Season 10 #Shorts

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24 thoughts on “This Seer Wallhack Trick Lets You See Players Even Further! | Apex Legends Season 10 #Shorts

  1. I legit thought everyone knew about the "out of range" scan day one, PARTICULARLY YOU TGM lol I got my tips from you before I played him.

    Real talk, it is a strong ability though. It helps you detect players moving towards or away from you, as well as know what areas it should be safer to path near.

    Edit; I believe the range is a full 100-125 meters, it seems to cover the white distance on the map cone past the blue. Blue indicates in range, white indicates out of range but present.

  2. When an experience player uses Seer he can be really annoying to deal with

    When the average player uses Seer it’s like watching a Boy Scout use a bottle to hit a sling shot. You’re sitting there, watching them try so hard and end up giving away their location and wasting their ult while you take the time they gave you to position yourself better.

    Sure the average player can use Seer correctly, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. To use him competently requires a mic and a voice, which I hardly ever see being paired with a Seer. The most mic’d Legend is pathfinder, and there’s a good shot that they’re 13 lol.

  3. This gives me an idea. Maybe they could make Crypto’s passive an actual passive where after scanning a survey beacon, he kinda has like a mini map room and he sees everyone on the map for like 5 seconds or something.

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