August 11, 2022

19 thoughts on “These Were Last Seen 1000+ Days Ago!

  1. Great Video , I Love Wraps , I’ve got 264 in my locker and I’ve been playing since July 10th 2020 at the end of C2 S3 , can’t get enough of them.

    Wondering how many you have in your locker Taber ? There’s 478 wraps total in Fortnite and 274 that have been sold in shop , 95 from Battle Passes and of course they started wraps in season 7 of Chapter 1.

  2. oh wow i got the dragon wrap last time it came out and i never new it was rare (before this lol) it goes perfect with the corupted samurai when tottally white

  3. hi tabor on june 28 it is my birthday but i wont be able to watch your vid on hat day as i will be visiting my family across counties id love it if i could get a shoutout please
    from Nathaniel and i will be 13 that day

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