December 2, 2022

The Weirdest Bases in Clash of Clans History (Episode 2) – Havoc Gaming
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Footage in this video comes from some of my old videos, Galadons “Strange But True” series, and images found on google and Reddit.
Galadon Gaming –

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Sussy clan castle
2:26 – Something’s missing…
4:08 – How’d that get there?
5:30 – A player…

37 thoughts on “The Weirdest Bases in Clash of Clans History (Episode 2)

  1. Before 4 days i upgrade my th 9 to 10 and when it finsh the training attack was 3 star and had no loot to get that was weird so i messege the support but no one responed
    i want my loot back

  2. Can u mention adding Join Dates, that way we view someone’s profile & stats. we can also see how far and how long they’ve been playing? I think that would be a cool small addition to the gane

  3. The 0 star goblin guy this is still in game when the tutorial makes you attack just reopen the game force close it and reopen it will skip the attack

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