August 10, 2022


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27 thoughts on “The REVERSE RAMP Trick Pros Use To Win More Fights! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. There’s honestly a real issue with this game that effects a majority of players which is the forced cross platform play. I realize almost every YouTuber, streamer or pro player plays on pc and thus could care less in fact probably likes having us console fodder to bolster their kill numbers but this is pretty bad for us. It’d be nice if people were as outspoken for this as the mech “issue”

  2. Honestly how could anybody diss Sypher PK? He helps all his viewers very humble actually has a vocabulary besides curse words every sentence. Great content and has me addicted to trapping people haha!

  3. I am not negative I am a 2 years in kid that has 0 subbs 1 view and I'm fine can you play once with me I watch every clip since 1 year ago epic VS SHADOWS

  4. Hey I'm a srteamer can I get a shot out because you and Nick eh30 makes me srteamer but I'm not so big ? so can you please tell people to watch me on mixer my name is maclawton77

  5. sypher, please read this comment…

    here's why i dislike the game, or think its "trash".
    so bassicly, they dont add any content, its almost been two month's, and all we have gotten… is a fricking harpoon gun, i dont understand what epic is doing, are the trying to get the game to die? do they want to lose thousends and thousends or dollars? what are they doing with the game? pluss i just cant get a good gaming expirience, because when ever i play i will always be teamed on by other players, like, im in a fight with someone, then someone else comes out of no where behind the guy im trying to snipe, and then i am always thinking: oh yes, someone can probably help me, cause i cant do anything, cause MY SNIPER DOESNT TO ANY DAMAGE WHEN IT HITS SOMEONE! but no, this dude that came behind the guy i was fighting started to shoot at me, and i was not having it, at the end i died of course, coz they were both sweats, i am also a sweat, but one sweat cant beat two sweats at ones, its very difficult.

    and then audio.
    very often when im in a box, shooting at another player some guy comes running to my box, behind me, for some reason i cant hear him, its not my headset, cause i have tried many other headset's, but bassicly, i cant hear him running up towards me, i cant hear him replacing my walls, and before you know it, im dead. i resently played a game earlier today, some guy placed two traps in his box, i could only see one of them and i only heard one trap go down, i kill the dude, break the trap on the left side, and since i only heard one trap be placed, i went down in the box to get the loot, and then i died, wanna know why? cause there was a trap behind me…

    there is just so many issues with the game in its current state, and i dont understand like, if epic games is a multi millionare company, and they are like really good at making games, like, there has to be a reason why so many people wants to collab with fortnite, but my point is, the game in its current state, is so stupid, so many issues like i said is ruining the game. it is just making me so pissed of, cause almost everytime i go into a game, i have to god damn pray to the lord himself that i will not end up in a scrim lobby, i dont want to play like that in casual pups. i just want to play normally, like if epic games are going to make the game so god damn sweaty, they should add siphom, or add a game mode (this doesn't count to your stats btw) were bassicly you will be the only real player, and the rest of the players are bots, and before you go into the game, you can change the difficoulty of the bots, so you can practice for just casual games, yes, this game has come to a point were you have to PRACTICE to win pups. pups are suppost to be the game mode were you practice for competitive fortnite, as i said, too much bullshit.

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