August 10, 2022

Meet Sayara, the April Crew Pack Reveal!

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49 thoughts on “The LMG And HEAVY SNIPER Are Returning – Fortnite April Crew Pack Reveal!

  1. Ima be honest I rate this crew pack a solid 6 and cuz I like the Tracy trouble more and I wish on this skin for the next crew pack you can take off the mask yeah and I said that the lmgs are gonna return cuz it shows the gun

  2. I looked this up. Couple websites say she is supposed to be some sort of owl ninja type character which now that i look at her hood it kind of reminds me of those tufted ears that some owls have.

  3. it more the battle pass inclusion is what they are going for. every time a new season comes out, the crew pass doesn't give extra incentive to get the pass. there are three execptions to this rule. the first crew pass which was the hype to become part of the crew. june 2021 which was used to hint at chapter 2 season 7 story line and future crew pass. the last one was september 2021 which was more of a incentive to buy three mouth of the crew pass. the pass itself wasn't like i need this skin and more I need the extra styles of the skins, back bling and pick axes.

  4. Sigh-ara
    …at least thats what i ve been listening to for the past 15 years since my brothers OC is named the same (btw the name means "Shadow" according to him
    and since its a ninja like character it makes sense.)

  5. this is such an ugly one its so plain and boring the colour scheme is so common couldve been better, also another female skin they should def use skins made by the fans instead crew pack wouldve been more worth the 17 dollars

  6. A number of these packs have been terrible. Most of everyone I know has unsubbed at this point and if I did not want to be able to say "I've got them all" I would have already followed suit but I'm about ready to unsub from this. These packs are crap we would see most of these in the shop and almost never feel special at all. What's special about a crew sub if it's not unique and stands out?

  7. looks like a Rabbit to me, why don’t they go back to making a Male and female style that way you can pick what you want to play as easy problem solved😉😃👍

  8. I thought this crew would be a guy sense we had so many females prior. But I'm fine with it because I prefer females, but this skin is kinda disappointing imo. Not my style. Wouldn't say it's a bad skin, I just wouldn't use it.

  9. @TaborHill btw Tabor from one of ur fans the heavy sniper was nerfed it dosnt one shot anymore. I went in creative and I head shot sniper someone with the heavy sniper and they didn't die. To make sure I had one of my friends stand still and I head shot sniped them and it only did 198.

  10. She seems to me, the one that is hunting down the Fox Clan (Which are Foxs and Cat head asessories) and looking at the mask closer it looks more like an Rabbit with the long ears

  11. The LMG was my weapon of choice to get Wolverine, kill Dr. Doom's henchmen, grab their LMG's, hop in the chopper and go Wolverine hunting in Slurpy Swamp

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