December 5, 2022

The FINALE Of Fortnite’s STORYLINE..
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23 thoughts on “The FINALE Of Fortnite's STORYLINE..

  1. I think we will be going back in time and slowly we will see all the events rewind in the live event we will be back in the chapter 2 island then slowly after those events the chapter 1 island then suddenley we will go to asteria which was in the past, thats my theory d:

  2. What if the herald and the chrome is all really just a decoy for something bigger , because geno is probably still alive according to the zero war comics and then he’ll form a small group to gain control of the zero point and because everybody is distracted by the chrome and moving buildings into the air they won’t notice geno and his team slowly taking over Ty island . This is just one of my theories , my second theory is that the IO is completely gone except for some members since there is no remaining 7 members the island will not be able to get saved and the chrome will consume the island but the zero point creates a person out of the energy of the zero point that removes the energy from the zero point and with its energy being like creation and destruction it will destroy the island including all the chrome and create a new island called Asteria which was a code name for an island that was leaked in fortnite and then the island will be returned to a eden’s garden sort of place where there is peace on the fortnite island once and for all . My third and last theory is about how the chrome came to the island so the reality tree had leaves but then the leaves fell off and flowed through the air eventually going to the sanctuary mixing up with the water and creating a chrome substance that spreads.

  3. Through the years of fortnites story, the seven have saved us from everything.

    In s4 the visitor found an escape.
    In s9 paradigm saved us with the mech
    In s15 the foundation sealed the zero point
    In s18 the scientist, visitor, and foundation rescued the loopers and flipped the Island
    In s20 the seven lead us to victory in war
    Now it's our turn to fight the herald on our own, and save the seven.

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