December 2, 2022

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40 thoughts on “The BEST PERKS for the Pulsar 9000 in Fortnite Save the World!

  1. I remember the day this weapon came out and no joke I swore blind it was the only gun l’d ever use for the rest of my life and even today all these years later it’s just perfection put some superchargers on there and if you can handle the ammo cost its just a miracle worker

  2. The shielder and riot husks are the reason i rank xenon above vacuum tube bow. Math to math paper on paper buckets to buckets 😂 vacuum tube bow is 100% the best BUT xenon bow in MY opinion is the best. Ive had clutch 160 missions where i need to stay inside spam builds and still fuck shit up through walls. Or if enemies are on the opposite side of lets say a shelter instead of running around i can just shoot thru walls. Idk why i went on a bow rant on a pulsar video but im just saying shielders and riot husks are a valid negative

  3. Definitely A tier, would not put it in S so i agree. Also can’t believe that was 2019 i watched that video when it came out. I take constant breaks so it doesnt feel to long ago. I remember being at my cousins watching the 2019 video because he wanted a shotgun build. Time flies crazy youve been so loyal to stw. Even tho i take year long breaks i can always count on coming back to your videos 👌🏼

  4. Unrelated but I decided to try my infinite Teddy build in 140 ventures, and boy is Teddy absolute trash in the end game. It couldn’t clear the first baby encampment. I backed out and reloaded with my Farrah build and cleared it in 15-20 seconds.

  5. When the pulsar came out it was head and shoulders above every other AOE shotgun out there. But now that:
    1) they buffed the other shotguns significantly (meaning that the Pulsar had a relative debuff),
    2) there are seasons that are exclusively one element (making me more likely to change the element on my primary weapons to fit the season), and
    3) they buffed affliction damage
    the pulsar just doesn’t hit hard enough relative to the other shotguns. Now I use an affliction Maverick of the right element.

  6. I’ve been using this as my main since like canny and I’m end twine player and this the only shotgun I use seriously….now I feel attacked bc of this video that is very helpful for everyone

  7. Beast , you can shoot “Riot husky’s” through there shield. What you need to do I have your hipfire just a bit above the shield from the riot husky, then it will shoot through the shield and it will danage it. You did it yourself when you were killing the smasher in this video at timestamp; 4:50 – 5-01

    Please take a good look at it if you read this!
    @Beast #Beast -Beast
    Love your videos!

  8. The Pulsar 9000 actually does pierce terrain/shields. The center of the circle only pierces enemies, but the edge can pierce anything.
    If you aim your shot slightly above or to the side of a riot shield, it'll go right through it and hit the riot husky.

  9. Now that Coconuts are in the consumables slot and we can carry 2 shotguns (plus a baron), I just vouchered this to pair with a Groundpounder. So far, it's an AMAZING combo.

  10. You could run a Pulsar with like a backup weapon for a single target – mist monsters, smashers, etc. You ran a rocket launcher on the side which didn't quite make sense since you needed to fire like 2 shots and all the normal husks were dead.

  11. this video is great and thank you for giving the pulsar an update. but sadly I'm persistent and have some thoughts, you said "anything in S tier should be weapons that can do it all" yet you put the double boiler in S tier and that gun is worse for crowd clear than the pulsar is at single target dmg. Also you mentioned that the pulsar vs shielders is a downside but the pulsar deals with shielders better than any other shotgun tbh. I just wanna say that my goal isn't to get you to change the tier list or your opinion but to share mine.

  12. i didnt have interest in your channel because i never look at STW tier lists or whatever, but since XP is now transfered to battle royale, ill have a look

  13. do you have any updates for the perks of the storm king wrath? im pl 113 and grinding for msk and (hoping) to get it as my first weapon

  14. can you do a video about the potshot next since you've also never updated it in so long and that was before you could pick between the special perks (ex; affliction damage, standing still for 2 seconds increases damage by +11%, standing in place grants +17% damage vs mist monsters, standing in place for 1 second regenerates 10% of your max shield value, damage dealt with this weapon snares the target by 30% for 6 seconds)

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