October 5, 2022

In this video, Sid reveals Spider-Gwen is now in Fortnite!


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50 thoughts on “Spider-Gwen Web Swings Into Fortnite!

  1. They couldn't do the lightsaber for a pickaxe because they were gonna have an in game lightsaber mythic and people were gonna get it mixed up and confused. Also they did have webs, put your glasses back on.

  2. “Fortnite battle pass I just sh** out my a** bodin up the pc cause i need me to get that Fortnite battle pass I like Fortnite did I mention Fortnite it’s night time i mean it’s 5:00 o’clock that’s basically night time y’all remember Cartoon Network Adventure time”

  3. Unrelated to Gwen Stacy, does anyone get last season battlepass items everytime a new season starts? This ALWAYS happens to me, but I don't get the battle pass needed items though. I think it depends if you had battlepass that season.

  4. I think Gwen looks like her Across The Spider-Verse appearance because Across The Spider-Verse was originally supposed to release next month, but then it got delayed, and I assume Epic couldn't delay Gwen's appearance.

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