August 13, 2022

I Infiltrated The Secret Cheater Underworld And Brought Justice To Apex Legends

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50 thoughts on “Speed Hack Aimbotter Vs The Gaming Merchant – Who Will Win?

  1. So this is what you were doing online with the viewer games account. I was wondering why you were doing arenas. turns out you were destroying cheaters. Niiiiiice

  2. Bruh…I feel this so hard. I'm continously thrown into these lobbies. It's rough as I've been playing apex for a bit. Qnd I would say I am considered a sweatyish player. Being put into these lobbies is making my experience a lot less more enjoyable and more feeling like I'm working a high anxiety job. I'm not complaining about the anxiety. But it shouldn't feel like a hard-core grind for people who casually play.

  3. @TheGamingMerchant I need help
    Cause u have always been my favorite youtuber and now I'm inspired to make apex videos and I could just do with some tips on how to have a successful channel

  4. In console too I was in silver but I was at like a 5-6 win streak and then I lost to a cheater who had wall hacks and a weak aimbot(not aim assist if anyone’s confused). That cheater was killing me through walls somehow but somehow by keeping our distance and forcing the cheater to push up when we had angles we were able to beat him the next game.(yes we got queued against the same cheater who was level 310 twice in a row.) We t-bagged the guy so hard after killing him every time and I am sure he just destroyed his console after that.

  5. I've encountered them too, but I don't think you made your case for who was cheating and how it had to be cheating? Lately I've been one or 2 shot with gold or higher shields a few times, if there was a good way to identify what was happening more of us would report I think.

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