December 9, 2022

Twitch VOD:
Stream date: September 23, 2022

SMii7Y’s Channel:
SMii7Yplus Channel:

This channel is partly for archiving random streams (coincidentally a lot of them being SMii7Y’s), as such none of them are monetized.

If there’s any issues do let me know.

Edit: New thing to try out but necessary, editing out hard racial slurs. Do report more timestamps so I can cut out.

15 thoughts on “[SMii7Y] another day another call of duty

  1. I wish people would stop complaining that you upload these streams on youtube. you arent monetizing them, and you state that you arent smii7y. these videos get a lot of views so smii7y might even know you are doing this and because you arent financially proffiting off of these vidoes he probably doesnt care. plus a lot of people arent able to use twitch so they can watch it on there like myself bc my internet is so ass twitch never works for me. plus this is free advertising for him too. so keep on doing what your doing acoolrocket jabroni 2. ignore the retards.

  2. i kinda hate gaming streamers lately only because their jobs have them buying games that suck just so they can maybe get content for money. like i dont blame the streamers because they need an income but at the same time im just like "please stop playing bad games so people stop making bad games" lol. how many CoD games have we gotten? do we really need a CoD for each console? especially the same damn CoD game? CoD used to be fun, a long time ago. back on the 360 lol. CoD and halo 2 were the big hitters of that time. was it halo 2 or 3? uuggggh curse my old age and my old brain

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