October 6, 2022

Today we talk about the Knightly Noire, Eternal Vengeance, and the Painted Kitsune armor that came to us via a collaboration between Fortnite and Destiny 2. Season of the Plunder.

Destiny 2 Lofi:

Check out what shaders look like on this set:
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36 thoughts on “SHOULD YOU BUY The FORTNITE x Destiny 2 Armor

  1. The Warlock and Hunter cosmetics are pretty good, as are the Season of Plunder exotic armor items, but us Titans got stiffed on every single one of our items. They even shadow nerfed the Lorely Splendor

  2. Hi, one question, if i want to delete my warlock male, and create a warlock female, i need to do all the campaigns again and all the quest that i complete with my warlock male again too?

  3. In case you didn't know… The community made sets for the warlock skin that you picked are BOTH based off the extra styles for the actual in game Fortnite skin (Intentional or not) The skin for warlock is based off the "Drift" Fortnite skin with the bonus styles coming from the female version of Drift being "Catalyst" with it's white with blue and black with purple bonus color palettes.

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