July 4, 2022

22 thoughts on “*SEASON 4* TOP 5 BEST GUNS In BATTLE ROYALE | Call Of Duty Mobile | Best GUNSMITH LOADOUTS IN CODM

  1. Shotguns are too good if you know how to use… I would disagree with you cuz submachine guns are good but Not 1 shot and quick like a shotgun… Else the ranking, is perfect.

  2. Dev should focus more BR mode since MP in CODM is unbalanced now.
    Iferg: I'm quitting Codm bcoz of thermite, concussion, persistence
    Parker:Bing chilling

  3. The 545 caliber round is better to use on the AK-47 now in BR as it has better TTK than the base mag + you have more rate of fire. The AK has only 2 damage profile now after the buff in BR.

  4. hey bullshot, I have a build for a unexpected gun that is Lowkey a beam and it is the swordfish
    the build: monolithic suppressor, ranger barrel, any 3 times scope or red dot, the halberd mag, and either a tac laser or striker foregrip
    the mods: long range, the one to improve bsa, and the extended mag
    this is truly the most sleeped on gun in the game
    Edit: effective at mid to long range

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