August 11, 2022

Season 11 Ranked Rewards and Changes (Is This Bad For Apex Legends) Today we will be covering the ranked rewards you will be receiving in season 11 from the holo sprays, to dive trails along with the new ranked changes that will change how kill points work as your placement will no longer be a huge factor in ranking up and the skill level of the player you kill will also play a role in determining how you rank up.

Credit to Kral Ridno for Ranked Rewards:
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20 thoughts on “Season 11 Ranked Rewards And Changes Have Pros Mad Apex Legends

  1. I am not a fan of the new ranking point system. you get points taken away for killing a lower level player but there is no way to see if pushing a team is worth the points. Im in plat lobbies now and i litterally cant even get positive RP after playing for ten plus mins. lol the map is huge for one and then i squad wipe some team and the placement points are taken away because they were lower level? that doesnt seem to make any sence lol

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