October 5, 2022

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45 thoughts on “SCI-FI LLAMAS, Husk Buster, INSANE Pokemon GO Community Day Recap – Fortnite Save the World & BR

  1. Book guy here. I have a rather book-guy-style question

    I understand you are informed on Cyberclops and disagree, but I do have a semi-quick question. In your Sy-Fi tier list you mentioned that Rio gives 20% as long as your above half shield, but you mentioned that it is never a true 20% damage. You then said “spoiler alert, you are never getting 17% with rescue trooper, but far from it.”

    You also acknowledged that you already understood everything I brought up in my comment, including the fact that Cyberclops’ 12% is a real 12% damage buff, not just base damage.

    So, with that being said, I can’t imagine a true 12% damage is much less than a 17-20% base damage buff, if at all. So if you are using energy weapons like the blastatron mini, pulsar, etc, why is cyberclops so overrated in your book?

    He was C tier while Rio was S tier. I do believe 12% true damage should be more than the 20% base damage buff Rio gives, and it’s active all the time, even if shields are under half. I don’t know, I’m just not seeing where Cyberclops is that much worse.

    I don’t mean to be controversial at all, I completely respect your opinion, I’m just genuinely curious as to why.

  2. The Pokemon Go event actually went past the 3 hours. Even after 2pm if you beat a Linoone, large numbers of Zigzagoon appeared for 30 mins for you, complete with shinies, all the way until 8pm. Also thanks for clearing up things with ED-EE.

  3. hey im coming back after being gone from the game for a very long time. like 3 years. do you have a video you would recommend to me to try and get up to date?

  4. Husk buster is no where near as good as the double boiler… as well as no where near its DPS. Nor does it have any 6th perk that's equivalent or better then. The steam cloud so. Yea. Not even arguably close to being the case. But I know what you mean by it hitting hard also. Not terrible. Just not the best

  5. I agree Cyberclops is marginal in support, but if you're a "keep it simple" player like me, that mostly uses Energy weapons (and some traps), he is really nice in lead, with HH and a heavily buffed TEDDY.

  6. 1:33 do it. You need more time off imo ! you can gradually share the daily burden until you find a sweet spot wether it’s 3 or 5 videos a week is fine as long as archer/ aewol are happy to fill in the other days

  7. There was a huge visibility issue with this video. The top half and bottom left half were fine. But a total gigachad was blocking the bottom right.

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