July 4, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Ride the Lightning PL160 TRAP GUIDE #1 – Fortnite Save the World

  1. ooooooof…..

    Calling this a TRAP GUID IS A BIT OF A STRETCH (I hope i match the cap energy u put in that title)

    I suggest hanging out with randoms in stonewood you could learn a lot. U seem to not have played save the world for a very long time, cause you trapped like that.

  2. So glad this is becoming a series, Beast seems happier now that he has an entire series worth of easy content (easy to plan not easy to make) and there have always been a handful of missions where I have no clue on how to do it effectively. Keep up the awesome work! 👍

  3. Beast towards the end of the wall launchers you should have put a 4 or 5 impact one. The super high impact can make the smashers stumble about half a time which would knock them off the map

  4. Is using 89 floor spikes still better than using 130 ones or did you just not feel like wasting 130 ones lol. I'm assuming the series will cover RTD, RTS, DTB, and ETS. I love abbreviations.

  5. Beast can u tell epic to give me the ultimate pack in save the world because i bought a code from ebay and i didnt get it can please tell epic games by the way my epic is i yeetedfiretruck

  6. Most of the people i play with dont build and wait for others to build or just straight try to tire trap the entire spawn which is dumb

  7. You should change the tilte to: "Ride the Lightning PL160 SPAWN TRAP SPAM GUIDE"
    Anyway, why would you put 6 wall launchers @ 4:05? Only 4 of them would be enough to recycle everything, forever. You also decided to put tar pit @ 6:30, in the back. Why? You can recycle smashers with your wall launchers, there's no point to add more traps (yes, I'm talking about the 3 darts, 3 CEF and the tar pits you added).
    This is overkill, you're putting so much traps. You can get the same result with a basic 2×1 tunnel (with a B.A.S.E).

  8. Finally, got some information on playing and traping good against these bombs one, i wasted soo much broad side tunnels with floor freez and just omg its soo annoying that i was doing it wrong, glad that i got this right ..next thing is that my funling was really bad. And watching this second guide on traping u won't even believe…it actually is Helping me..so yeah learn more about traps and build style .so thanks man, glad i found u 😊❤️keep it up nd never stop …much love man ❤️❤️❤️

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