October 2, 2022

38 thoughts on “RAYGUN FOUND in VANGUARD ZOMBIES!! (Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies Season 1)

  1. IMO the last good zombies gamemode came from infinite warfare or maybe bo4 (didnt really play bo4 too much) but apart from them zombies has gone very downhill since bo3. how can you have a zombies gamemode where its not even round based, no ee at the start, when there is an ee you pretty much just get told how to do it. Its just lost that sense of difficulty and as we saw in cold war anyone could get to round 400 easily, compared to bo2,bo3,bo4,inifinte warfare where round 100 was a decent challenge. Its just not fun. Plus it doesnt help that multiplayer is so bad as well.

  2. Ray Gun needs to come back – baseline essential for ALL zombies games. But that's just the bare minimum, and doesn't save this game for Zombies. We need round-based maps (plural), each with wonder weapons and EE's minimally to save this game. Right now all that Treyarch is doing is polishing a turd.

  3. Been playing zombies forever now and to think about it there's small things you'll need in "base game" to make your experience feel like a zombie game! You need a pause button for solo players and everyone else that have a pause button/ start button, on there controllers you need A Easter egg to keep players interested and Engage in your zombies MAP. players love secrets have more and don't have everything so easy for everyone to Achieve it. Make your zombies Map and game mode playable for old and new players.

  4. Honestly vanguard is dead they should have done way better n its not even round based anymore and no easter egg there's nothing for the zombie players like myself I grown up playing zombies and now I don't even play zombies any more because of how Activision and raven do zombies they need new people to work on maps otherwise no one will play it anymore thats what I think

  5. Vanguard the newest game for zombies but I’m still playing black ops 3

    P.S black ops 3 is 6 years old it’s Concerning on what is happening at Activision

  6. My view on this zombies….. where to start do I like it no it's not enjoyable maybe for 15 minutes at most but thats that, but do I think it has potential 100% I do. I feel if thus map just got brought out as a round base one it would help a lot to making it more replayable. I love the setting and would love to see it developed into an amazing zombies game but just feel it will be too late once that happens and it will be dead by then which is a shame. I just feel if they added the basics of zombies into this game and removed how the perks work it would be a lot more enjoyable from my stand point.

  7. I'm actually enjoying Zombies and completing calling card challenges. It's different but it's fun and challenging. Yes it would be nice to get a wonder weapon from the box but it's fine. To be honest you can usually be near the covenants without zombies approaching you, so that's my pause button for now.

  8. I'm an OG zombie player and I still haven't bought vangaurd yet. To be honest I haven't seen anything in the game worth buying I love round based maps and Easter eggs and vanguard just isn't the one

  9. I might play one game of vgz once a week maybe. It's just boreing and repetitive. And for someone that doesn't normally have the time to sit down for an hour or two without needing to get up to do something else too, the ability to not pause the game is a real ball buster

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