December 2, 2022

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0:00 Intro
– August 2020 Ranged Weapon Tier List –
1:20 Pistols Tier List -…

27 thoughts on “Ranking EVERY RANGED WEAPON in Fortnite Save the World! (Ranged Weapon Tier List)

  1. it kind of cringed me watching the dirge song get flamed as hard as it did with the recent 6th perk discoveries…I feel like the black metal weapons deserve a higher spot with that 6th perk in mind as it is pretty powerful (Edit: This video was put together before the community discovered the black metal weapons true strength, so I felt the need to point out to anybody watching who may be new to the game that a lot of the weapons on this list were ranked based on their available 6th perks, and the black metal weapons have been proven to fit in a higher category than they were given in this video)

  2. I would definitely have put Lynx in high B tier, the triple crit damage on that is fun, and double crit damage itself is actually really strong.
    A specific set of perks on the Mercury LMG makes me think it would be much higher as well.
    Steam roller I'd have put in low A tier because it actually can be very strong.
    Dirge Song in A tier now instead of C tier like you had it.
    Bazooka I feel would be slightly higher than the Jacko because it has more element options and is a bit better damage.
    Night Owl S tier obviously
    Missing the dragon shotgun unfortunately, but Browbeater I'd have put higher because of how much damage it can do.

    Awesome video, definitely gives some insight into good weapons to voucher.

  3. D Tier for the Terminator? You've ran the numbers on it? Have you actually used it though? This thing basically has the DPS of the Silenced Specter (one of the SMG's you ranked S Tier) while also having more than 3x the mag size of the SS if perked correctly. Just a side bonus, but it also isn't locked to a certain element. Easy A tier at minimum from me.

  4. I think the tier list is 99 percent accurate only one I'd change is ghost pistol I like how defenders can shoot thru wall with it and shoots riots and anything else.

  5. So, Beast. You can choose a single weapon to have. It can be a SMG, Rocket Launchers, everything. Which one would you get? Classical xenon bow?

  6. Watched the old video the other night since I'm returning to this game after not playing for 7 months. Nice that this got uploaded a day after I watched the first one.

  7. Keep up the good Work i love it also i was thinking after doing the King me prequest and get the first mythic do after 1 week get another prequest or you can go on to the next mythic beucase i only have the fury

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