December 5, 2022

More Quick Apex Legends tips and tricks this time for Revenant! Let me know if these Quick Tips for Revenant in Apex Legends are helpful and if you’d like some more Apex tips on Apex Legends Revenant in the future! How to use revenant in Apex is kind of odd lately but hopefully my Apex Legends tips are helpful. Best of luck with my tips and tricks for Revenant in Apex Legends! #Shorts

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21 thoughts on “Quick Tips for Revenant In Apex Legends! #Shorts

  1. Revenant is awful right now imo. Even with team play, there's plenty of better characters. Hell even Caustic is a better team push with his ult lol

  2. I knew all of these tips.
    Fun fact, once you get to gold and higher, revenant is literally the least played legend in the game, dead last. The average person who plays revenant is in silver. So only in the lowest levels do people actually play revenant.

    There are many, many problems with revenants kit, which I doubt will get fixed anytime soon, I do plan to make a video about it though.

    But one of the biggest issues with revenant is death totem, it isnt good. It is the most punishing ult in the game. Not only can it literally be used against you, but if someone finds it one person can solo wipe your whole team easily. If you dont have octane, wraith, or ash it is a huge risk to use death totem as you are doing a risky push where some if not everyoen using death totem will be returned to it at different times if not returned at all.

    One of this simplist ways to buff it is to revert it to where death protection is infinite, but you can only move a certain distance from the totem, but even then it has its issues.

  3. I have had to get off the game for the day so many times this season just due to that no audio bug. Most recently was a bloodhound zipped silently up the middle of fight club and I am on the platform engaging another team inside. Apex has been the most consistently bugged game I have ever played. And I played LoL for a decade. Respawn please!

  4. Revenant is still viable more like a low B- tier but Revenant players just need to be smarter with how they play and the totem isn’t nearly as useful due to how obvious it is

  5. I snuck up on some ppl the other day cuz I've been feeling rev probably tied as my second fav, thue was just sitting above us at a zip waiting and like you know what let me just spook ya real quick

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