July 4, 2022

48 thoughts on “PLAY Call of Duty Mobile using PS4 CONTROLLER | How To Connect PS4 Controller to Phone

  1. Can you help mine the buttons only working are X square, triangle, and circle other are broken and it's not broken I tried it on mc (Minecraft for short) all the buttons work my model is CUH-ZCT2Eat

  2. I do have budget controller
    Been using it for years now
    The other one is about 200php plus and the other one that im using is about 500php
    And yes it doesnt support for codm…

    Also sa mga nag iisip dyan… Kapag naka controller ka sa cod mobile makakalaban morin controller user so kumbaga hindi ka makaka-kalaban ng touch screen user… Also i heard that you can still play with friends even though may controller ka at sila touch

  3. Sana next upload idle gawa ka tutorial kung pano gamintin ang internal phone mic kahit naka earphone ka:> hindi kasi gumagana yung voice changer ng poco pag naka earphone mic

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