July 3, 2022

39 thoughts on “New Update – Coc Manager Revealed New Mega April Update Sneak Peeks in Clash of Clans!

  1. Now- Archer iland with airship
    Previous- Builder iland with boat…
    Archer iland will use different coins for upgradation.
    Staring me builder and mini archers ek sath rehte thy but bulider ko builder village diya now time to give archer village

  2. Guys, I have a Theory about the New Update If you see "Lost and Crowned". You'll see that this tri-balloon Ship carries the Troops from COC' Base to CR' Arena which is again situated on the Mountains. Thus, It Might be Possible that they're Collaborating / bringing in a New Head-To-Head Game Mode in COC like we have in Builder Base and Clash Royale but it will be like Clan vs Clan kinda Theme. IDK if this is true (obviously not) but seems fun.

  3. There is a new game mode like home village and builder base and that base will be above home village for which we would have to click on that siege type machine. And that base will have that new currency. And main troop would be the cluster of ballons shown on image

  4. dekho jo hut ke pich ballons he vo normal he hut se joint hote hai show ke liye ap clan games ki gadi pe jake dekh sakte ho game me
    n ye jo sab log khade hai vo jaga se to donated troops dusri village me jate hai

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