July 3, 2022

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This game is called Call of Duty Mobile.
You can download it here! ►

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29 thoughts on “NEW LEGENDARY MAC-10 is out in Call of Duty Mobile! Best MAC-10 GUNSMITH for CODM!

  1. Hot wheel cars 😂 I’m only 27 and I used to rollerblade back in the day bruh I was mostly a skateboarder though where’d your childhood go brotha

  2. If you want to save cod points just like the snoop draw make sure you are ready to buy all 10 draws obv weapon last because it gives you the cp off so you save 300-600cp+ those and the legendary holger draw are the few I’ve came across so far I know it could be random also hate how the skin comes with the backpack already attached kinda jiped us on that

  3. I always notice you looking for kill combos on Legendary guns. Are there Kill Combos for Legendary guns? I thought only Mythic’s have combos. Good games though still debating on this gun. Edit: Some legendary guns do have combos interesting never noticed. Learn something new everyday.

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