October 4, 2022

Nadia amine cheating in call of duty warzone

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Our mission, is to bring awareness to the cheating and corruption, within the free to play game “Warzone” and highlight this to Microsoft.
We expose streamers & content creators who make a living potentially deceiving others online…


  1. The tables are turning.
    LIKE and comment guys for the algorithm to blow the video up to reach a bigger audience.
    Activision are now well aware of these warzone streamers cheating,
    Its only a matter of time, hang it there people.
    The community is getting stronger and stronger vs these warzone cheaters.

  2. I've known they were cheating all the big warzone guys are not a single one could 1v1 me on xbox one. But they need 3 pc monitors to be good? Yea right bruh yall are capping I've clapped faze myth and ninja during the first FNCS. I was blackshadow01 most the warzone players cheat and I hope they get exposed it's disgusting.

  3. Old mw2 is the best game the new 1 will just be the same spend 30 dollars on new load outs ect ect . I wish they remade the old one no in game purchases like before. even throughout

  4. Dude thank you soo much finally someone speaking for the community Iโ€™m tired of this cheaters I just subscribed for u โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™ we all behind and we support u โค

  5. Has she ever been held accountable for that phone clip? She literally said โ€œI have wall hacks. I can see the whole mapโ€ it wasnโ€™t edited, obviously.


  6. i stand behind Call of Shame, I appreciate everything you are doing brother. This is massive fraud that they all are apart of, and they need to lose everything they earned and let it be allocated away to charity or random people that play Call of Duty.

  7. I remember IW being hard on cheaters during the original MW2. Maybe they will have an actual anti cheat that doesnโ€™t exempt certain players and puts everyone on the same page.

  8. I remember recently watching a video clip either you, or another, uploaded and she was saying, "they're doing the 'thing'" in it. The teammate mate said something about the cheating, and she acknowledged by say, "yeah, the thing we are doing", in the same time frame. I could try to go back and find it, but wanted to know if others saw that clip?

  9. Notice How Streamer Hackers always advance but NEVER retreat!…………And If Activision knows who's cheating, then why the fuck aren't they doing something about it?!…If they actually woke up and spent a few more quid on legalising the game then There would be a proper league and they would generate a hell of a lot more money than they are doing now………it's called CAPITALISM! Capitalism is only a dirty word when the Capitalists can't see 30 yards down the road?

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