July 4, 2022

Become the original Special Forces in #Vanguard’s intense, adrenaline-fueled Multiplayer.

➡️ 20 maps at launch
➡️ Advanced weapon customization
➡️ New social & pacing options
➡️ New Champion Hill mode
➡️ New Perks, Killstreaks, Equipment & Upgrades
➡️ And much more…

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41 thoughts on “Multiplayer Trailer | Call of Duty: Vanguard

  1. How the frick was this the best selling game of 2021? It's not the worst game ever made but it was not worth $60. Do urself a favor and spend your money somewhere else.

  2. I just don’t get why people are so mad about Vanguard! I’ve played the game and I love it personally. It’s got great graphics, great campaign, great engine, and great mechanics! People are either being very spoiled or very rude! Everyone is saying “it’s so bad” or “horrible game”. Like REALLY, Be glad there is even another game! Personally I think that people are being so spoiled and rude. COD Vanguard is a great game and i am very thankful that it was made.

  3. мдааа… такого говна я ещё не видел! Я так понимаю найдутся люди кому понравится игра, но мне категорически НЕТ!

  4. Please make the task force pack separate for purchase I'm on Xbox one couldn't afford the ultimate edition just standard would really like the lucas Shepard skin please and thanks it's the least you guys could do it showed up with my download but won't allow me to equip it so at least allow people to purchase the 5ask force operator pack for like $12.99 Canadian 3 operators without the weapons

  5. I can't believe this incompetents got another chance ! This game should be free like fortnite. From graphics to physics it feels like it was made by 14 year old kids

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