July 4, 2022

We played a lot of games this week!


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4 thoughts on “Metro Exodus, Anthem, and Apex Legends – It's Obvious Podcast Ep. 191

  1. #askIOG
    I hope Jacob is on the podcast so he can answer this.
    Have you seen Jacobs doppelgänger?
    Dude is on the mtvs the challenge. My gf watches it and noticed it one day. Dudes name is brad fiorenza. Look him up

  2. Yo Garrett, if you still need a short story idea, pick a favorite video game character and write about how they would deal with daily life. Work, waking up, Co workers, chores, travel, etc. It would be fun!

  3. @Matthew Dirken: bro definitely get a PS4 Pro if you can afford it. There are SO many games on the PS4 from PS2 remasters like the Jak and Daxter to new games like Spider-Man and God of War. By the time PS5 comes out, it’ll take many months for the worthwhile titles to roll out. And I agree with the boys, if you already have a PS4 stick with it, but if you straight up don’t have any type of PS4, get one.

  4. Great job guys!! The channel is steadily growing so we'll hit 3,000 subs soon. Glad to see Preston on the show again. Been playing the crap outta Apex and its awesome. Im lv.31 but seeing players as high as lv.48 motivates me to make time to play more. Hoping all three of you stay updated with the game. Also, you guys gonna put out any new gameplay videos or are you only streaming now??

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