July 3, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Made Huge Money Buying a Raw Card! Tips – PSA Reveal – Fortnite, & More

  1. Bought a couple Ken Griffey jr 2017 whammy’s which are SSP first year of the inserts for $150 and $180. One psa 9 one 10. Pop 8 and pop 7 I believe. Probably around $350 and $800 to the right guy

  2. but wouldn't you want someone who knows about surface issues and things like that when you're buying a card so that you don't buy something that is just completely demolished? and they also don't list it in the description either.

  3. Very nice stuff! Back in January I bought a raw George Russell 2020 chrome purple /399 raw for $300, graded it and got PSA 9. Now worth 1.2-1.5k

  4. Smart technique with that Kobe and thanks for the eBay raw card purchasing tips! Super helpful and I love to see people sharing knowledge and not just keeping it to themselves.

  5. Wow love that herbert zebra die cut! Man that card is nasty! And i recently pulled mac jones pink camo true rookie and cooper kupp optic rated rookie getting both of them graded right now , still waiting to get them back from sgc 🤞 I hope they both come back sgc 10!

  6. @Hitman Rips I have to disagree with you on thick/patch+auto cards on that Kobe card, if you think it won't grade a 10 at PSA, send it to BGS and have it fully graded with the subgrades & auto-grade. I usually send all my patch/auto cards to BGS when it comes to grading thick cards. BGS does a great job with thick cards and the slabs are much nicer than PSA.

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