December 9, 2022

34 thoughts on “Loot and extract 4 enemy dog tags Call of Duty DMZ (Dog Tag Locations)

  1. you dont have to extract all four in one run, just one at a time is good enough, try going to the big public events like bosses commander helo or briefcase and you'll find players easily, and if you wait you can often let the enemies kill each other and vaccum up the tags that way.

    If an enemy leaves though their backpack will close and you can't get the tags, and people usually leave either when rage quiting or when it's impossible to come back, so try to take a tag before their entire squad dies, they might hold out hope for rescue still

  2. Like others, I’ve been searching for the dog tag in back packs with the equipment. Didn’t even see the dog tag icon to the far left. Bless you and thank you

  3. I’ve killed and looted…I’ve knocked and interrogated…all attempting this mission. I have yet to find a dog tag.

    This video has helped because I thought they were in the players backpack l. I never knew to go to the red player icon and take it. Wish I knew that 6 hrs ago 😅

    Thank you

  4. It's cool that you can scavenge bodies from people after the usual weapon case chaos at exfil sites especially as IW intended for people to actually go and kill other players which for the most part is just disrupting their challenge progress as most challenges don't revolve around killing real players, and you hardly receive any benefits from killing them for the most part anyway.

  5. That’s totally incorrect, you don’t need to do any missions. Every single real player drops dog tags on their death. Just wiped a 3 man squad solo and got all 3 of their tags

  6. Lol nonsense info in this video.
    Just kill players and loot the tags off them (on the far left of their backpack inventory).
    Also you don’t need to extract all 4 at once.
    I did this solo. It was super easy.

  7. Lol kill anyone and get the dog tags off thier bodies 1 squad equals 3 dog tags most players don't know so if you run into a body someoje has killed you can just check to see if they forgot the tag in mist cases they did.

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