August 13, 2022

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1- What is your device? Red Magic 7
2- Where u from? Portugal
3- How many fingers? 4

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28 thoughts on “IT'S A HONOR PLAY AGAINST #br0ken and #lotex | CALL OF DUTY MOBILE BATTLE ROYALE

  1. You guys are actually pretty good, but Lotex and Br0ken were holding hands the whole match. They never separated from each other. Even when you tried to kill Lotex, Br0ken was right there to back him up. Your whole team should have pushed them at the same time, but your team was on the rooftop while you were pushing them by yourself, so they killed you and took your good loot. Lotex and Br0ken used real teamwork to when the match. I don't know what your team was doing, but it wasn't teamwork. I think your team could have won the match if you guys used better teamwork. You guys are pretty good though. Ggs and better luck next time.

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