December 2, 2022

Sensitivity Code : 7144702462691161933

CoD Narco Live channel:

I’m Narco, previous #1 player in the world for several seasons, now… at your service!
I’m spending my time taking you with me on the battlefield through the hardest matches I ever played with the purpose of making you a better player, offering you the most valuable tips and tricks you’ll ever find… Sit down, Relax and Enjoy! (IPAD – HUD, Settings, Sensitivity and…

24 thoughts on “IPAD – HUD, Settings, Sensitivity and Gunsmiths [Updated] | Call of Duty: Mobile | Battle Royale

  1. Missing the narco used to play on mobile. ❤️
    Everyone is shifting to the iPad these days, killing mobile players. Which means an iPad is a must if you want to play Call of Duty. Otherwise, mobile players will have to face iPad and emulator players. Which is not fair.
    Love you Old narco and @cod bougee. ❤️

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