October 4, 2022

48 thoughts on “INSANE WIN on NEW WARZONE 2 MAP! (Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay)

  1. To the Devs who may be reading:


    After letting all the new digest and clearing my head my honest feedback is this:
    -casual and sweats alike want to play with loadouts. That was a huge part of the game and one that honestly doesn't need to be changed even if other things are. I get it is a new game but people grind and have a lot invested into making their guns to show off in Warzone. The reason I play this over other BR is because of that and I am speaking for many others who say the same.
    – A level headed approach is I'm trying not to be biased. I welcome the new but I still want Warzone to be Warzone. I can honestly say I speak for my group of about 10 friends 6 of us are casual and 4 of us are more "sweaty" but we all agree with the loadouts being unchanged and buystation more streamlined.
    – I welcome the swimming, ledge hanging, new vehicles, and new map. Just all around good. Recoil on guns. Good thing! Thank you for those good changes.
    -We don't necessarily need to bring back slide cancelling. I absolutely love slide cancelling! So… if it was a perfect world and we had our way I would ask to please just bring back that movement but I've sort of given up that that will happen and am willing to settle. Can movement at least be more fluid?? Where the slide can actually be used? Maybe not "slide slide jump" to get around the map or where it refreshes your tac sprint necessarily but Just movement feels Clunky and slow and like a step back in both MW2 and Warzone.
    – I really hope that you'll actually look into and change some of these things
    -AI just isn't needed. doesn't matter how much time was spent on it. Respectfully, please don't try to force it into this game or into MW2 either. It isn't needed and moreover, it isn't wanted by casual or more serious players. It just isn't wanted by anyone.
    – The "go pro" or shoulder camera view makes my friends and I feel nauseous watching it and also takes away our ability to be able to see what our buddy sees and we can't help out effectively which was a lot of fun of the game. It also hides cheaters so that I am not a fan of that at all.
    – Looting and more on Loadouts: Another thing that's just clunky is looting. If it is different… then its just different. I can't honestly ask nothing to change but Looting needs to be more streamlined and easier to deal with. To be honest a lot of the fun of Warzone was the looting and that it was just somehow gratifying. I liked it. Getting killed a lot sucked because you had to pick everything back up and basically start over but it was such an easy quick process to get back in the battle with your buddies. Now I feel like people are going to camp so much because they will be afraid to die and have to start the grueling new looting process over where it is a horrible journey to even get your own gun and you are forced to choose between that and other essentials leaving most players just settling for ground loot guns just so they can stay in the fight where sweats will have their own loadout guns and take people out super quick because of that and it will be the same frustrating situation you were trying to get away from in Warzone One. Ultimately, I can see through all of this that the objective is most likely to slow down the pace of play and that's going to get frustrating and without the personalization aspect that keeps people coming back to Warzone over something else, you are going to end up losing a large population of players altogether because of this alone.

    Devs: thank you for all you do. I appreciate everything you do for us after all the criticism you take. My final thoughts ill put out is most importantly: please don't take something like AI or the looting system and force it into the game when it isn't wanted just because you've advertised it and put it in ads and previews that have dropped and you have showcased it. Please don't force it in because you think it'll be a failure on the studio to take it out and basically admit failure. That is not the case. That would not be a failure at all. We as a gaming community will almost certainly take that as you guys are smart, humble, and you listen to your player base. That will be your reputation and you bet that with that, you'll gain even more players in the process. Thanks for your time!

  2. This seem more like a step back. It looks like warzone when it first came out. Before warzone was warzone. They shouldn’t change the mechanics of the game. If they wanna add a new map and guns that’s cool but they went back to the first prototype and that’s not good. They go loose and ruin a good game 🤦🏿‍♂️. Why they don’t stick to what’s working idk. Gaming companies ruin their own companies

  3. Literally the same thing as warzone 😭 so lame dude I love cod but it needs to be deferent the copied an pasted with deferent map an guns 💩 I heard it was going to be deferent guess not definitely not waisting my money

  4. My 3 biggest concern's is not plating while sprinting. The second concern is how slow the process of looting is and the final and probably biggest concern is being locked at 2 plates. I think that would be better in ranked WZ2. Not in normal pubs.

  5. I’m telling you swagg nick and them use Cronus/whatever tf else and cheat. Looking like scrubs without their own setups. Booya is valid he doesn’t cheat

  6. Ok I must say u are very good booya and my apologies for thinking you were a hacker because I can clearly see that you are genuinely good at the game and much respect from now on😉

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