October 4, 2022

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50 thoughts on “imperialhal on the best way to improve at apex legends..

  1. The best way to get better is to try to mimic what good players do and just play a lot. Just playing 2 hours a day isn't enough. The top Apex players play probably about 6-10 hours a day.

  2. Started playing this game alone 2 months ago, been playing with a friend that is way better than me and now I am learning a lot faster. He tells me what I should be doing and eventually I start doing it.
    We only play normal mode, I hop into ranked with a filled squad (it's not as fun).

  3. These days 95% time I die from trying to save a kill thirsty team mate thats completely oblivious to positioning, falling back and knowing how to push. I very rarely get a real well-rounded team mate that knows the game. That’s why I play better solo.

  4. Yeah even when play with squads on lower level will motivate since you need to carry them, will result on more adrenaline. Especially if you want to flexing to your irl friend. Of course not in ranked, but i prefer to play with my lower level mates

  5. Honestly drop in with a duo one of my friends who got me into the game use too just no fill us 2 so it makes it a lil harder fighting 3 but I got good at the game hella fast 😂like from low gold too high diamond in the span of like 3 months

  6. the biggest problem in apex outside of skill based and cheating is.. Zero incentive to win. i solo que 89% of the time and if im not jumpmaster… everyone lands at the hottest spot (fragment) and if u dont.. u dont see another squad till end game. and if u dont land fragment, they solo drop , die and leave right away to go back to the lobby.. green up and ruin someone elses gaming experience

  7. how to be a God in apex is simple.. get sponsored by a half a billion dollar team which provides the best gear in every facet of the game and gaming then also let that team find 2 other top notch players to run by ur side and aid you through every game. Even before all that, Hal was a God.. then you add all that and well.. you see what he has become 🔥

  8. Best way to improve is HAVE FUN, I can't stress how important enjoying the game itself is. Fun will lead to longer play sessions, which will lead to you improving at the game. This remains true no matter what skill level you are, and is easily forgotten after 1-2 bad games or toxic teammates.

  9. That’s the only tip that makes sense. Pushing everything and playing arenas is good for warming up but playing with ppl equal to your skill will work if you have the patience to fail for a while

  10. The way I forced myself to be as good as my friends was to play solo in trios. The first like 2 months were hell, I’d die pretty much all the time to a team. No amount of watching pro YouTubers helped at all. After the 2 month mark I began to improve and realised positioning is pretty much everything and I learnt how to split teams up to pray on enemies who strayed too far from their team.

  11. when there is someone way better than you in your squad, the next best thing is to hit up the firing range and have them crap on u in 1v1 until you learn while you practice your aim and movement on the side. you'll get up there in no time, it's a matter of having the mindset of improving

  12. “Get to a rank you shouldn’t be” when you watch 99 percent of preds streams they kill plats and diamonds majority of the time. And hal sucks hella bad in solo que watched him for like two hours this one time and he never got over 5 kills.

  13. First thing u gotta do is get game sense every time u play and/or take notes when watching streamers. Recognize the maps, rat spots, flanks, positioning, when to push/retreat, comms.
    U can always practice ur mechanics/aim in training mode so thats not a problem.

  14. I’ve played at high levels in a couple games and both times I was extremely fast compared to others arriving onto the scene becuase I had pros who were good helping me. But you gotta have the mindset to grow already. But once you have that competition is important to learn expectations in pace and decision making as well as where you’ll be punished especially in my experience with a game like rocket league

  15. I want to play solo but my matchmaking just too long, I surely able to make Coffee or Tea and watch a movie just to come back It's still loading🗿🗿🗿 trio and duo quite fast

  16. If my random ranked team start flying towards that building in fragment… I always break away and fly over to the train tunnel solo and that has drastically improved my RP situation 🤣

  17. I swear Imperialhal has some of the worst tips ever, every tip i hear from him will either make you worse, or just halt your progress completely

  18. As someone who’s pretty new to apex legends with 200 hours in, what helped the most for me is most of my hours were played on playing solo trio to learn how the squad actually play, how to deal with them and escape the gunfight then I play ranked if I feel like if I need someone to play with, i’ve learned the priorities such as tapstrafe, wall bounce and super-glide. Play other legends rather than just playing one trick and learn how they work, and last but not least watch twitch streamers.

  19. If you wanna get better you wanna absolutely play with people who are better, i cant stress that enough. Other people showing you little bits here and there is crucial to learning

  20. Look at ShivFps he grinded apex from launch and look at him now man ripping in ranked, best eg if you ask me on how to improve without using any aim trainers but just playing the game

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