December 2, 2022

Hey fam! I flew out to LA for the CoDNEXT event to try out the new Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2! Here’s my first game on MW2 playing against other streamers! Overall, this game definitely feels like a more tactical Call of Duty. I definitely enjoyed some aspects of it! Enjoy the vid, P&L baby!

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33 thoughts on “I Played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Early From The CodNEXT Event!

  1. They should really do a game mode to test the waters on increasing the time to kill a bit . There’s no counter play what so ever — who ever aims faster wins . If I get shot in the back I can’t do much about it .

  2. mw2019 it is stil so New…, they Just rushing with cods…, what happen with all the skins and fornite sht that ppl bought? its compatible with this game? or they Just lost ton of money? Just to buy more skins and craps in this "" new""" update??

  3. After playing Apex for so long no other games gunplay comes even remotely close… I want to be excited for it because my friends don't play Apex and only play CoD but I just don't see this being any good.

  4. Everyone who got invited better be doing their jobs by giving constructive feedbacks to improve warzone 2. At first glance it offsetting with all the changes. IW needs to listen to all feedbacks regardless if it positive or negative. IW don't be hiding from criticisms…..

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