December 9, 2022

Today I play Fortnite an attempt to learn 0 skills within 24 hours. The goal is to try to win a game, while being the worst player in the world!

Use code tomato because it’s cool (Epic partner)

Music from Epidemicsound

47 thoughts on “I Became the Worst Teammate for 24 Hours (Fortnite)

  1. Please do more voice trolling/talking to random squad fills. That got me into this channel, so stick to that. Also, I love when you talk in a normal voice. Basically, I'm saying that I'd like you to go back to the old style of videos. It was more entertaining and funny. I love that you went back to that in this video.

  2. Happy birthday have a great day lots 6 I miss u a bit of love you miss u a bit so I will will be back in in the next couple days for a baby hug u so u will be a baby baby boy now so I miss your miss call and I miss your love sweet baby hug kiss kiss hug baby girl miss ya miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss

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