August 13, 2022

In this guide, I will be teaching you how to play the new Season 13 Legend, Mad Maggie in Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors is out and with it the new legend Mad Maggie, Mad Maggie’s ability kit will change the Season 13…

28 thoughts on “How to play Mad Maggie in Season 13 – Apex Legends Tips & Tricks

  1. Worked hard to get this out on day 1 (since I don't have early access), made sure to verify all the info so there wouldn't be false info like on many other guides, hope you guys enjoy!

  2. Ummm yeah no offence but I've tested the drill as a Maggie main and the drill needs a huge buff in both length and girth additionally, the drill only hurts you if your within SIX meters IN FRONT of it

  3. I prefer mastiff with Maggie bcz fire rate, damage is more consistent, and since it shoots in a horizontal line it goes for longer ranges.

  4. Tip with Maggie tactical. You take damage from your own tactical so shoot your tactical on the other end of a wall while you push the other side. The enemy will have to decide whether to eat some fire or challenge you in a one on one.

  5. Don’t forget, utilizing her Ult can be used to stun enemies. The impact stuns an enemy for quite a bit and can be extremely powerful in a fight

  6. I'm really unsure of her. It's cool you get speed boost buuuuut I'd much rather the wrecking ball did 50 damage on direct hit and 25 if near with no movement penalty.

  7. Even after watching this I think Maggie is the worst character next to horizon, this whole update sucks ass I've never lagged worse, new mode is trash. Maggie is trash.

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