August 13, 2022


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I Pretended To Be The Cube Queen To DESTROY Fortnite Chapter 2

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22 thoughts on “How To Open Vaults Solo In Fortnite Chapter 3

  1. 'CORRECTION' easiest way to open vaults on your own is not with a downed guard, not with a chicken and not with a frog… you simply go to any vault door and keep spraying it with your sprays!! Don't believe me then try!! 🤫😘

  2. Your the man 👨 just arrived and love your video you have so much enthusiasm and bright ideas 💡 😀 well played sir didn't even cross my mind 👊👍

  3. What I did:
    Wait for opponent player
    Let them fire a few shots at me
    Bait them to the vault
    Spam crouch and pray that they disengage
    Vault opened!

  4. Believe me or not: a shark would do the trick as well… When it happened I didn't even know it was possible to open a vault playing alone

  5. I hired Jonesy but getting him to stay down there long enough to actually open the vault required building a little piece at the top of the stair (then Jonesy broke the staircase lol) and then throwing down a tent (cause most of the areas are not buildable). But it worked. (Chickens can be hard to find and NPC can only be knocked it there is more than one at the location, they just die)

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