October 4, 2022

7 thoughts on “How to Make opponents dance with Boogie Bombs | Fortnite Week 8 Challenge Guide

  1. Quick question:

    I use the Nintendo Switch for FN. I know that there are glitches here and there, which SUCK, but I was wondering if anyone noticed any glitches with this particular quest.

    I managed to get one Boogie Bomb to hit and opponent, other one was a wasted throw. Didn’t have anymore BB so finished the game out. I checked my stats and noticed that I still have 0/3 on my Weekly’s for the Boogie Bomb!!!!!

    So do you need to deal 3 Boogie bombs in 1 game? Or can you do the boogie Bomb challenge in multiple games and the Switch just sucks?

  2. No WOLVES or Darth?!?!?!?! That SUCKS! I was kinda excited to see a wolf do a little dance, if that WAS possible!😆

    But got it! Hard to find boogie bombs. Need 3. ZERO BUILD (which is the only mode I play). And finally…GOOD LUCK!

    Thanks Gummyoshi!

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