December 5, 2022

30 thoughts on “How To Have 0 Recoil – Jitter Aim Guide | Apex Legends Recoil Control Tutorial

  1. Great, but that's an abuse of a flawed mechanics (also works great with macros just like fixed recoil are), not a recoil control mechanic . I hope the devs start working on the game someday and fix things like this and add random recoil corrections.

  2. okay so i just tested having two dpi's, normal and a mega slow one for jitter aiming. quickly switching between them on my mouse button. might honestly be viable for those worried about injuring themselves

  3. to people who think this is broken :
    yes it is, but in your average experience, your probably not gonna see anyone even using jitter aim, smooth tracking is much more practical and i'd assume a small percentage (roughly 0.5 to 2% ish) have attempted or learnt jitteraim, but it hasn't been developed much. maybe if jitteraim had a different method that was much more easier and simple, it would become a big deal, but 99% of players on pc will probably never know, or never use this. (not like it will matter anyway, i keep getting queued with predators and masters in pubs despite playing the game casually)

    oh and another thing, if you can't hit beams from mid range normally, you won't get any decent results because you'll end up having to adjust for recoil occasionally, it really only works on targets that are standing still, counterstrafing or moving at a predictable pattern, but at that point your pretty much better off just using a charge rifle or long bow to pick them off.

    tldr : it shouldnt work, but it does but with pretty much a small upside for carpal tunnel and dopamine, other then that, your probably just better burst firing/dumping your clip onto said person.
    oh and it doesn't work for high sens, the jitter sens seems to be better for lower sens, i tried it with high sens and could not get any decent results from medium to long ranges due to the magification of mouse movements from further distances. try it out, maybe you'll like it, but its more likely you'll just never use it or adopt it specifically for a perfect mid range beam. if you die to this tech, you pretty much died to the 0.1% players who have learnt this tech and are risking probably a lot of health concerns, so i don't see this being adopted as a permanent skill that all players must learn, if anything it'd be a shortcut, just a horrible and unhealthy one.

  4. Made plat solo queue in a few days on my days off work, however now it seems like everyone in plat has good aim. They are melting people full auto in longer range which is what I struggle with, I've been trying to do jitter aim but didn't know about the tensing muscle trick. I've been using the flatty and doing small circles, I do have a slower sens though so its not easy to do. I think ill give this a shot. My movement is good, my tracking is decent and my game sense of knowing when to take fights is decent its just I really dont have the jitter down at all so thank you for this.. ill give it a shot and see if it helps with longer ranged engagements.

    Id like to start getting an entry pick using 301 or flatty and not the Kraber as you cant always have that luck getting one. Thing I definitely need to improve with aim though is just I can flick cleanly with a wingman but I struggle with a PK and that I feel is just a subconscious thing I have to get over.. I just dont know how heh

    My goal is just diamond, so its easily achievable for a boomer like me.

  5. Do you jitter/vibrate your hand left and right or up and down? or all directions?
    Do you jitter in same spot or slowly downwards?
    Thanks for guide, I'm starting to add jitter aim to my gameplay now.

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