May 25, 2022

41 thoughts on “How to Easily 3 Star the Royale Challenge (Clash of Clans)

  1. It's crazy how every video I've watched on how to beat it is different…. Jo it's a great strat and works… For the most simple Judo has a very simple strat.

  2. Trynna farm in TH 12 (skipped th11 so some of my stuff is only maxed to th10) and for some reason I can't find any bases with decent loot at all, do dead bases just not exist in Crystal 1 anymore?

  3. I’m a free to play player but I just had to buy that scenary. First purchase I’ve made and I love it especially the clash royale layout on the right

  4. Rebuilding clan , level 4, looking for active players for war , clan games and clan capital. Leader exp 195, th-13 . Minimum townhall required is th 8 .
    Clan tag – 2PRPJRQ2L

  5. I did a queen walk on the cc with 1 miner on the archers because they were hitting my healers, as the queen splits on way I drop 1 Pekka with her and 2 Pekka on the other side, rage the queen, surge the balloon in on that rage, clone the balloon, rage them to take out the bottom half defenses, start miners in on the queen side heros, drop hogs, the attack was done with 72 seconds left

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