October 2, 2022

How and where to catch every fish in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is the topic of this video! There are timestamps in the description if you’re looking for an exact fish! Along with that, consider using my Support a Creator Code: Gummyoshi (Epicpartner) in the item shop or when buying the battle pass if you found this video helpful!
Intro – 0:00
How to Get a Pro Fishing Rod Every Game – 0:25
The BEST Spot to Fish – 2:36
1,2,3 Floppers – 4:21
4 Black and Blue Shield Fish – 4:47
5 Black Striped…

28 thoughts on “How to Catch Every Fish in Fortnite Season 3

  1. If you're looking for a specific fishy I've got timestamps to help you find the exact one!
    How to Get a Pro Fishing Rod Every Game – 0:25

    The BEST Spot to Fish – 2:36

    1,2,3 Floppers – 4:21

    4 Black and Blue Shield Fish – 4:47

    5 Black Striped Shield Fish – 5:07

    6 Green Shield Fish – 5:38

    7 Pink Shield Fish – 6:46

    8 Light Blue Shield Fish – 7:37

    9 Blue Slurpfish – 7:58

    10 Yellow Slurpfish – 8:15

    11 Purple Slurpfish – 8:36

    12 Black Slurpfish – 9:02

    13 White Slurpfish – 10:12

    14 Light Blue, 15 Tan, 16 Purple Top Small Fry – 11:31

    17 Black Small Fry – 12:09

    18 Blue Small Fry – 12:40

    19 Slurp Jellyfish – 13:05

    20 Peely Jellyfish – 13:18

    21 Purple Jellyfish – 14:08

    22 Dark Vanguard Jellyfish – 14:29

    23 Cuddle Jellyfish – 15:19

  2. I caught about 14 fish just in Party Royal. It is kinda hard to get a pro fishing rod bc you have to fish it out but you can catch a majority of the fish in Party Royal.
    Easy Catch:
    -All Floppers
    -Black/Blue and Light Blue Shield Fish
    -Blue and Black Slurpfish
    -All Small Fries (Black and Blue will be a little bit hard to find)
    -Slurp and Purple Jellyfish

  3. "Fish fear you" I got that in the career after I caught every fish 😊 i like fishing in the game its relaxing lol
    I caught fish #22 "black jelly fish" with a harpoon in the swamp biome
    at night just look at the sky during the game and when its dark with alot of stars that's mean its night.

  4. Dude after fishing at desert rivers with a pro rod for hours and then finding the peely jelly fish accidentally in a storm at logjam with the white slurp fish made me so confused and angry last season, I hope epic fixes this and the bug with the buried chests not spawning 😭

  5. Oh my gosh. I just spent like 25 games in the desert looking for the peely jellyfish. I had forgotten last season where I caught it.
    I did remember that the Vanguard was only catchable in the swamp area and I think that’s been the same for several seasons.
    Thanks for the tips and I’m going back in the game now to get that last gosh darn stupid mislabeled jellyfish

  6. This is the first season where I've actually completed the fishing dex and you video really helped with the last few I needed (literally 4 types of small fries)
    Thanks a heap!

  7. Do you need the clues to find the fishes? I haven’t found the white slurpfish but I have a feeling that it may be because I don’t have a clue for it yet since I have looked for it at night with a pro fishing rod at a mountainous area with no luck.

  8. Been fishing ever coastal spot for over 2 days (at night) & still can't catch the No 17 Black Small Fry! Anyone have any tips exactly where they caught it at?

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