December 6, 2022

How to 3 Star the 10 Years of Clash 2017 Challenge! In today’s video Sturge will be showing how to attack the 2017 Challenge! The 10 Years of Clash Event showcases the life of Clash of Clans through Challenges. Sturge will give a guide on how to complete the new challenge event for the 10th anniversary called 2017 Challenge. This tutorial will be easy to follow so you can attack using the Drop Ship Minion strategy and win the rewards and get the easy 3 star on the Builder Base Challenge.


23 thoughts on “HOW TO 3 STAR THE 2017 CHALLENGE | 10 Years of Clash – Clash of Clans

  1. Sturge u r the best i just reached titan league u r my inspiration u make it look so easy u r amazing best content creator absolutely goated

  2. Hello sturge
    Im th8 and im attacking with your trophy pushing army but the enemies' trophies started to be 4 and 5
    And when someone attack me he could take 52 trophies 🥲
    What should i do ??

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