January 29, 2023

How Much Progress Can Be Made at TH14 Free 2 Play in Clash of Clans? Kenny Jo reveals the TH14 Upgrade progress 45 days after the TH14 Upgrade Priority 2022 Guide. Clash with Jo walks through the building upgrades since the 1st episode and includes a detailed breakdown of how 7 different troops were leveled up to the maximum level in the game. Also included in this video are League Medal, Raid Medal, and Farming Trophy Range tips and advice.

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35 thoughts on “How Much Progress Can TH14 Do In 45 Days in Clash of Clans?

  1. This channel teaches you how to upgrade Townhalls only.
    But playing Clash of clans is different.
    There is no fun in just upgrading, so stop & do some clashing

  2. I'm watching this series and playing f2p , and it help me in my wars CWL and even farming and understanding the game better, thank you very much jo for given us this series

  3. I have a different F2P experience since on Android I can get gold pass for free with the Google play credits I earn from the play store itself and the opinion rewards app.

    The Google play store also just recently added discounts to both clash of clans and Clash Royale, so that saves me an additional $3 in credits each month!

    Bc of this, I think it's better to stay in legends in my case as I start leaking resources about every 3 days. I try to leave a 3 day gap in between the 6th builder by forging and dropping excess resources on walls as I try to plan on out my next upgrade.

    I also think it's a good idea to use books for the heroes, so I'm keeping them up as I sell the runes as well as the 6 potions I get to sell from the raid shop.

    I also made sure to remove all but one special obstacle of each type bc having too many prevents normal obstacles from spawning, which is a lot of gem revenue you'll be missing out on for buying at least one hero book each month.

    I've been using my hammers lately for all the elixir cost buildings such as the clan castle, lab, and now pet house. May move into eagle when I'm done, but I'm debating if I should do the workshop first.

    As for my army, I've been working on Hydra with a couple books and a few potions as I invest my hammers toward the base itself, which is the opposite I did last town hall.

    I fell so behind when they introduced research potions in raid shop and I spent all my hammers on the lab. Upgraded early without finishing the cannons, mortars and bomb towers bc walls were done and I like to line up my town hall boost with CWL to save on raid medals that would be spent for power and hero potions.

    I learned that the pass offers more research books than building books, so that's why I am changing my tactics, especially with at least 12 research potions each month.

    I highly recommend to get the gold pass for free if you got android. Or if you have access to an Android emulator on PC to make the purchases.

    I don't play as much and Kenny Jo has been beating me even tho I was ahead at first by a bit, but I may finally be catching up again now that I'm a permanent resident in legends and I'm earning more credits than usual.

    Had to skip a few months last year, but this year I may have the funds to get something nice as well as the gold pass lol

    Waiting for an offer with a special obstacle like last year. Missed out on so many special obstacles last year bc of the pay wall 😭

  4. i know this is not relevant to this video but a past video. i am th 12 and just got the yeti. i have been using 12 yetis with 4 quake, 2 rage, 2 freeze and 1 zap to reset inferno tower. 2 baby drag and 1 wizard to funnel. but when i clear out most of the base and there are like 3 defenses left the yetis go on the outside. how do i stop yetis from splitting up. anyone have any help?ty

  5. Any updates on the th12 you started about a month ago? I chose a slightly different route prioritizing my camps before my storages and I want to see how close we are in progress. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi jo I started my F2P account around 6-8 months ago about and now I’m a max th10 going to th11! Ok I will say my Aq is only 33 and BK 29 BUT ITS TO TEMPING !!

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