August 13, 2022

GEMMING AND REVIEWING THE FEBUARY 2022 GOLD PASS IN Clash of Clans! Clash Bashing is back with another Gold Pass Gemming and Review! We are on the Fix that Rush TH14 that is almost completely unrushed! This month’s gold pass features the Warrior Warden, Multiple Runes, Multiple book, and tons of other magic items and perks! Will you be buying the Gold pass this month?

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24 thoughts on “GEMMING AND REVIEWING THE FEBUARY 2022 GOLD PASS IN Clash of Clans!

  1. 4:02 i like them … since 5 month now i think (this was my first month th13) i use them to get my lab every start of a saison because i use my saison bank just for the lab (this time i maxed headhunter and clone spell and started dragon rider as example) its just easy to get this books out of the way without hardcore farming or idle lab for some times and you wont stuck with too much loot from the bank
    4:43 i like wall rings its always a nice 35 gems for me ;D my queen was maxed after 1 week on th13 and now i still need 45 book of heros to max them … i will never "normal build" a hero again i want to use them and not just having them maxed some day with no clue how to use it xD last time my queen was "out of order" was at th9 around 1 year ago xD and the warden never had a break at th12 … its expensive and i wouldnt say its "the best way" but for me its perfectly fine
    6:00 for me its the 2. .. or 3. best i think … just love the master warden and not sure if this one or the christmas warden is better out of that what i have from the gold pass (warrior will be the 5th)
    7:45 pretty funny for me xD i use runes most of the time just the first few days or something at a new th after that im just farming what i need .. and sell the runes for gems because 10 selled runes is 1 hero lvl ..xD
    9:07 ouh what a downer at the end … hope it will get all fine again wish you the best 🙂

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