December 6, 2022

24 thoughts on “FREE Fortnite REWARDS! (4 Cosmetics) 19.30 UPDATE SECRETS & Classic CH2 Weapons RETURNING

  1. As someone who primarily focuses on fortnite tournaments and cups, i can confidently say that its to seperate Public games and competitive games more (this has been requested from pros and competitive players for a long time) and also make the game less ¨chaotic¨ and more balanced for a more competitive experience.

  2. As somone who perfers arena (a competitive playlist) im glad that they are starting to make it different from normal matches. Its better for both types of players as now that we can get separate updates, casual players can get more fun and crazy updates while competitive get balanced competitive updates and they wont complain like crazy.

  3. I personally Think The AR SHOULD return But The Pump Needs Some nerfing, I haven't had AS much fun as WITHOUT one hit KO weapons, Makes me feel like I'll at least last a Minute in a Box, Plus, Creative Should add a Weapon Manager just so the Pump STAYS where is Should, Creative where it can be "Nerfed" By Respawns…

  4. As a comp player ik the reason y they dont wanna add new stuff the thing is if a thing is in s2 they added the mythic drumgun to comp but it was wayyy tooo broken so they use normal game modes to test it to see if its ok to add in comp

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